The Deal

Remember singing along to every song until you lost your voice?
Or dancing until your clothes were wringing wet?

Remember not remembering?

Cruis-O-Matic is delivering an even better version of that fast-paced, "Man, I love that song" energy that they were so famous for.
The best dance tunes of the Summer of Love '60's with a few older gems thrown in.

Older fans,twentysomethings and everyone in-between can't help but have a good time when the boys hit the stage for each precision, non-stop 75 minute set.

Here's what Lee Valentine Smith of Creative Loafing had to say when he discovered we were up to our old tricks:

"Cruis-O-Matic returns from the dead. The band is infamous for its unhinged live shows from the '70' and early '80's, theatrical hijinks, and a seemingly bottomless catalog of Nuggets-style oldies. Currently led by original member Edward Tanner, the gregarious group recently revived the act for shows at Houck's and Lenny's. Though Cruis-O-Matic is most famous for opening for the Sex Pistols' American debut in Atlanta (Jan. 5, 1978), it also opened for a slew of other punk and new-wave outfits back in the day, and even played with Cher."

The brilliantly observant Mr. Smith also refers to us as, "the ultimate human jukebox."
That really sums it up.

Thanks to our friends The Sponge Tones for getting us back together for a "one-time" reunion show in Charlotte in November, 2004.
C'mon out to see us soon.

Now to help us with Google:
Just remember, it's Cruis-O-Matic.
Not "The Cruisomatics", "Cruisomatics", "Cruiseomatics", "Cruisomatic",
"Cruizomatics", “Cruise-O-Matic”,"Tom Cruis-O-matic" or "Eddie and the Cruisers"


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